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Sergi Colom Mas

Sergi Colom Mas

habitsLast week we were talking about how to make our life easier, and while we debated about that I thought it had a lot to do with habits. Next week, linking with the previous subject, we can discuss about how to deal with habits, how to break a bad one and how to get a good one. Most of the time bad habits are simply a way of dealing with stress, and stress is usually the reason we don’t have a pleasant time. Thus, lets see if we can clear up why we get bad habits and how to replace them for good ones in order to have our life more pleasant.  


See you next Wednesday at the school library at 21:30PM   


Thursday, 05 November 2015 21:13

Live easier. Review

Yesterday Antoni told us a history about how Jon Jandai made his life easier. We mixed up very fast different concepts: simple living, happiness, money, obligations, debts and all the things we must deal every day in our life. Jon Jandai took his way to achieve his goals, but not everybody can leave his/her life to join him in his little village in Thailand, but we agreed in thinking that everyone has to find his own way to make his/her life easier and become happier. Simple and natural things make us feel good and complicated and stressful things usually make the contrary effect. I leave you with Jon Jandai's reflections and have a happy time.

Friday, 30 October 2015 09:10

New technologies. Review

28102015SYesterday we talked about New Technologies. As usual, there were different opinions among the audience. The first agreement we achieved was that the improper use of technologies can be bad for people. Sometime people talk about addictions, for example to the mobile phone. But I think, as Tom Uglow said, we are addicted to information, which flows through devices like computers, tablets pc, or mobile phones.  Information is power and we live in a time where we have almost instant access to information so keep updated make us powerful. It is also true that technology destroys jobs today, but we also can see how technology creates jobs for the future. What remains to be seen is if Technology will be able to create jobs for everyone all over the world.

So don’t blame it on the computers, don’t blame it on the mobile phones, don’t blame it on the tablet pc’s, blame it on the boogie.

Saturday, 24 October 2015 18:18

How new technology affects our way of living.

new techLast week we talked about our weekly topic and saw how everyone can have his/her own opinion about almost everything. It is mostly because we live in a society where we have a lot of information available on the internet.

Sometimes we don't pay attention to how fast new technologies are changing our way of living and we don't stop and imagine how things will be in the future.

However, some people think about it and imagine new devices that they will be essential parts of our life in the future. Of course, none of us can imagine them.

Next day we are going to debate about New Technologies which have negative as well as positive aspects. Meanwhile, I recommend you to listen to Tom Uglow, who imagine “an Internet without screens might look like this”. Of course, his talk is in the kind side of the subject. Tom will be our virtual guest at our next meeting.

See you on Wednesday 28th October at the school library at 21:30 PM

Thursday, 22 October 2015 20:34

Healhy eating. Review

21102015SYesterday Laura Rubio taught us about the olive oil goodness. As a member of an investigation team at the University of Lleida she carried out a study where they proved that olive oil is a very recommendable product to include in our diet every day. She also told us how they worked up to make a new enriched olive oil including some nutrients which are normally lost during the process of production. Unfortunately, we still cannot find this new product in supermarkets. After olive oil came up for discussion other products like milk, wine, pork, sugar, flour, butter, etc… and some different groups were formed in favour or against eating them. Nowadays everyone has his own opinion about nutrition since we have a lot of information available around. Sometimes there are serious disagreements about the same product. Laura highly approved having milk in our diet while Antoni totally disagreed. As usual, Frank brought upcontributed with opinions and studies from the scientific word and quite a lot figures proving those theories.

At last it was an interesting debate.

Saturday, 17 October 2015 18:43

Healthy food

laura rubioThis week we are recovering the topic of healthy eating. As you know, during the summer we could not count on the presence of Laura Rubio because she couldn’t attend the meeting for illness. Fortunately, we can rescue the “Mediterranean diet” as a topic for next Wednesday. She’s going to tell us how her scientific team has proved the goodness of products from our zone like olive oil or wine against other ingredients typical of other latitudes.

You can learn more about Laura Piqué if you go back to the text  posted on Sunday, 30 August 2015. Click here to visit it.


You all are invited as usual next Wednesday, 21th October, 21:30 at the school library. Don't miss this opportunity.

Thursday, 15 October 2015 20:40

Sports values. Review.

IMG 20151014 SYesterday we debated about sports values. Silvia Cantons told us first hand how is the routine of a teenager involved in high level competition. She has two children who are enrolled in international sports competition. They compete in hurdles. But we wanted to clear up if sports values can be exported to real life. Most of us agreed about Coach’s importance. Coaches like teachers are very important to shape the character of young athletes. Coaches also should educate young athletes in those sports values which help them achieve their goals. This is, according to the general opinion, the most important thing since not always our teenagers are coached properly.   


We were lacking young people in yesterday's session because I think also their opinion about the matter would have been interesting to listen to. 

sportsWe are living in a society where most of us are concerned about education, not only our children education but people education in general.

Sport has been traditionally considered as a tool to provide values like effort, self-esteem, respect, positive attitude, perseverance or integrity. But, according to what we see and hear around, world sports seems to be in a perpetual scandal. Corruption, doping, arranged matches, violence in stadiums, etc, are quite usual and star athletes may not always be the best role models for our kids these days.

This week we are talking on Wednesday, 21:30h, about this matter and Silvia Cantons will help us to debate about it since she has two children in high level international sports competition.

Thursday, 08 October 2015 20:13

Thailand. Review

07102015 smallYesterday we talked about Thailand. I was very surprised that many attendants had been to Thailand. Assun and Laia described their experiences but Albert, Dolors and Sabrina also knew first-hand about that country. Assun showed us a series of nice pictures and told us, summarising, what we have to know about this country if we plan to go there. Albert helped her since he had also spent his holidays in Bangkok visiting his brother who’s living and working there. Laia, in a different way, told us how is life and education in a little city far away from the tourist areas, since she  worked for three weeks in a public school, teaching English to her pupils who, apparently, had never seen a tourist before. We saw two different worlds in the same country.

The session was very crowded and we congratulate all the attendants for making that effort. Thank you.

Sunday, 04 October 2015 09:22


thailandIn the last few weeks, two of our friends, members of Speak Up Menàrguens have been to Thailand for some time. We’ll see two different points of view. On the one hand Assun travelled there on her holidays for a strongly recommended trip. We ‘ll learn about a different culture, climate, language, customs and food. In short, what we should know about that country, according her point of view. On the other hand Laia spent about a month in Thailand carrying out social tasks in a NGO. We’ll see from her experience what do Thailand people need from us, and how this kind of experience help our young people to became more confident while they are out of their comfort zone, how they develop cultural sensitivity and how they adapt to globalization and social networking. 

See all of you next Wednesday 7th October, (21:30) at the school media room.

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