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Thursday, 05 November 2015 21:13

Live easier. Review

Yesterday Antoni told us a history about how Jon Jandai made his life easier. We mixed up very fast different concepts: simple living, happiness, money, obligations, debts and all the things we must deal every day in our life. Jon Jandai took his way to achieve his goals, but not everybody can leave his/her life to join him in his little village in Thailand, but we agreed in thinking that everyone has to find his own way to make his/her life easier and become happier. Simple and natural things make us feel good and complicated and stressful things usually make the contrary effect. I leave you with Jon Jandai's reflections and have a happy time.

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Thursday, 08 October 2015 20:13

Thailand. Review

07102015 smallYesterday we talked about Thailand. I was very surprised that many attendants had been to Thailand. Assun and Laia described their experiences but Albert, Dolors and Sabrina also knew first-hand about that country. Assun showed us a series of nice pictures and told us, summarising, what we have to know about this country if we plan to go there. Albert helped her since he had also spent his holidays in Bangkok visiting his brother who’s living and working there. Laia, in a different way, told us how is life and education in a little city far away from the tourist areas, since she  worked for three weeks in a public school, teaching English to her pupils who, apparently, had never seen a tourist before. We saw two different worlds in the same country.

The session was very crowded and we congratulate all the attendants for making that effort. Thank you.

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Sunday, 04 October 2015 09:22


thailandIn the last few weeks, two of our friends, members of Speak Up Menàrguens have been to Thailand for some time. We’ll see two different points of view. On the one hand Assun travelled there on her holidays for a strongly recommended trip. We ‘ll learn about a different culture, climate, language, customs and food. In short, what we should know about that country, according her point of view. On the other hand Laia spent about a month in Thailand carrying out social tasks in a NGO. We’ll see from her experience what do Thailand people need from us, and how this kind of experience help our young people to became more confident while they are out of their comfort zone, how they develop cultural sensitivity and how they adapt to globalization and social networking. 

See all of you next Wednesday 7th October, (21:30) at the school media room.

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