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Thursday, 19 November 2015 21:34

The UK educational system. Review.

20151118 SYesterday Mr. Scott told us about the educational system in England. He studied to a state school wich is the equivalent to a public Spanish school but with certain differences between them. To start, pupils in the UK attend lessons dressed in uniform and they call the teacher in a formal way. The sports and arts are very important subjects for them at the same level of geography or biology. In general, school in the UK is more demanding for students, espacially in year 11 and year 13, the equivalent to 4rt ESO and 2on de Batxillerat. Then they can go to the university which is more expensive than it is in Spain. But although the administration pay for the students' education when they get a job have to pay back in return part of their salary to the state.

Definitely, it was very interesting learning about it.

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Saturday, 14 November 2015 16:19

The British educational system

studentsNext week the Topic will be the educational system. The last idea that Frank spread in our last meeting was that although it is generally accepted that education can reduce inequalities and reduce differences between people around, it is not so easy. Another important issue is that teaching is only one part of education. But, talking about teaching, we can ask Mr. Stephen Edward Scott about the differences and similarities between English system and Catalan system since he comes from North Wales but now he’s working as an English teacher here in Lleida. We like to know if pupils in the UK are more demanding, if practice is more important than theory and what is the role of matters like sports or arts. We also want to know the difference between state, public and private schools. And some other questions: Do English pupils have the same classmates day before the day and year before year? Do they stay in the same class-room all the time? What about copying in the exams and plagiarism in essays? Is it compulsory getting dressed in uniform?

I wish all of this questions will be cleared up next Wednesday at 21:30 at the library school. as usual.

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Thursday, 24 September 2015 20:12

Studying and working abroad. Review

20150924025729 smallYesterday was our 10th session. Carla Minguet told us about her experience working abroad as a scientist. She wanted us to realise that a normal person, like her, and doing things  enthusiastic and professionally could achieve important goals in life.

We had a conversation that I can qualify of debate since the discussion was introduced in three blocks and everybody wanted to participate actively.

In the first one Carla told us her feelings when she started working in Glasgow and shared with us some funny anecdotes and misunderstandings.

In the second block we spoke about the subject of her research. Looking for agricultural solutions to fight against the hunger in the world is a tough work and it was difficult to reach an agreement between different opinions.

And finally the education runs into a very hot debate between attendants specially teachers, who had also different opinions and points of view above the matter.

Summarizing it was a very interesting meeting which left several matters we should discuss in the near future. 

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