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Saturday, 15 August 2015 09:11

From the UK to Venezuela - Review

130815 smallNot only did we discuss the ills of dictatorship or the drawbacks of democracy, but we also talked about personalities like Pérez Jiménez or Oscar de León, and traditional recipes such as arepas or pabellón criollo. Then, we were told about the magnificence of Venezuelan natural landscapes by René (and Assum, who has been there too!) Now, how do lamas, baboons (?), Bielorússia or Albania fit into the previous discussion is a little more complicated to explain. If you did not come, you missed our participants telling you about all that. Thank you Frank, Eduard and Maria for your valuable and humourous contributions: we had a very good time!!

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Sunday, 09 August 2015 08:23

From the UK to Venezuela

reneNext Thursday we are going to talk about customs and culture. We like to know about different countries and René Jiménez is going to tell us about Venezuela. René was born in London and moved to Venezuela at the age of thirteen with his family. Later they moved again to Catalonia where he’s been teaching English for many years now.                       

From  the UK to Venezuela can be an interesting topic to discuss. Is the Venezuelan cultural heritage so different from the European one? Is it true that you are more likely to be murdered in Venezuela than in other countries? What about religion, food, family, mixture of cultures, etc?

Rene will help us to discover a new point of view about it.  See you all next Thursday at 10:00h at the swimming pool.

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