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Thursday, 15 October 2015 20:40

Sports values. Review.

IMG 20151014 SYesterday we debated about sports values. Silvia Cantons told us first hand how is the routine of a teenager involved in high level competition. She has two children who are enrolled in international sports competition. They compete in hurdles. But we wanted to clear up if sports values can be exported to real life. Most of us agreed about Coach’s importance. Coaches like teachers are very important to shape the character of young athletes. Coaches also should educate young athletes in those sports values which help them achieve their goals. This is, according to the general opinion, the most important thing since not always our teenagers are coached properly.   


We were lacking young people in yesterday's session because I think also their opinion about the matter would have been interesting to listen to. 

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sportsWe are living in a society where most of us are concerned about education, not only our children education but people education in general.

Sport has been traditionally considered as a tool to provide values like effort, self-esteem, respect, positive attitude, perseverance or integrity. But, according to what we see and hear around, world sports seems to be in a perpetual scandal. Corruption, doping, arranged matches, violence in stadiums, etc, are quite usual and star athletes may not always be the best role models for our kids these days.

This week we are talking on Wednesday, 21:30h, about this matter and Silvia Cantons will help us to debate about it since she has two children in high level international sports competition.

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Sunday, 23 August 2015 07:45

El camino

pere esponaNext week Pere and Lorena are coming to tell us about “The Way of Saint James”.

There must be a number of reasons to walk the Camino since thousands of people do it every year. What is the main reason for these new pilgrims to do such a thing?

Maybe these people need a time out of their busy life, or they want to meet new people. It is a good way to get fit and of course it is a challenge. Is it still possible that someone does it for religious beliefs?

Pere has been doing bits of the Camino for four years now. One week every year. He has already arrived once at Santiago de Compostela, but he’s still walking the Camino along different paths. Lorena, his partner, is from Asturias but she’s been living in Lleida for more than ten years. Lorena is working for a USA company and we wait for them to tell us about El camino. See you next Wednesday 26th, 10 PM.

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