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Monday, 25 January 2016 08:51

Mass murders in Paris

nachoHello everybody,

Next Wednesday we are going to talk about a hot topic: the terrorist attacks in Paris. A few weeks ago Paris suffered a mass murder committed by Muslim extremists.  After the wide range of information given by the media all over the world, everyone has formed his/her point of view about the strategy followed by governments and institutions in reaction to the attacks. However, what’s the point of view of people who live in the place? Nacho Sánchez Miret, a Catalan from Saragossa lived near Paris for some years. He’s going to share with us his insights into the subject as a member of the French community.

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Sunday, 17 January 2016 21:24

What can we do to be energy efficient?

savingLast week we discussed about efficient architecture but, most of us weren’t able to decide what kind of materials were used to build our houses or we didn’t pay attention to the way that our houses were designed to save energy. However, we can do a lot of things to be energy efficient in our daily live. What do we do in order to save energy and money when cooling, heating, lighting, watering, driving, cooking, cleaning, etc? Let’s see what ideas we are able to share to the others next week on Wednesday at the school library at 21:30h as usual.

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Sunday, 10 January 2016 17:44

Sustainable architecture

joanaHello friends, welcome back to the conversation sessions.  This week we have a special guest,  Joana Colom  who’s  an architect of  a new generation, (2012 , Universidad Politécnica de Valencia) and who’s very interested in a different way to do things. It is commonly accepted that energy conservation, efficient insulation, rainwater, solar radiation, wind-power, and recycling are concepts that we must take in account in our daily live from now on, especially when we see the negative environmental impact of buildings. So, we can ask for efficiency, moderation in the use of materials, energy and approaching to an ecological design of the built and no build environment.

See you next Wednesday, 13th January 2016 at the school library, as usual.

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