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Speak Up, Menàrguens!

Friday, 07 August 2015 15:35

Childbirth, Review

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IMG 20150806 233038Yesterday, as you can see in the picture, about twenty people came to listen to Marina Lee’s talk. Marina spoke clearly, choosing her words carefully, clarifying difficulties for us, with a very fluent speech full of knowledge and good sense. Thanks to her interesting talk, we could realize how people, especially women, have changed their mind about the process of pregnancy, labour and delivery throughout different periods in history. Marina says she feels like having her children in a natural way, without anaesthesia, but in a hospital. We were happy to see our session had attracted other expecting parents! Others had the chance to babysit for a little while, and learn some insect vocabulary instead. Finally, we discussed about education methods or how parents behave in front of children.

Again here is a little glossary of some words used during the session:






Breast feeding

Wean / Weaning

Dummy / Pacifier




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